VRoid avatars Commission

Agreement Terms

  • By placing a commission, the client will agree and accept the terms listed below.

  • This is a VRoidStudio model commission page, I can only make models through this program.

  • Please note that VRoid Studio has many limitations, some items may not be possibe to create in the program.

  • Please provide a clear reference image of the character you wish to make into a VRoid model, if no clear references are being provided, there will be an additional charge for a full body sketch done by me (+$150) see the examples below. (This can also be requested even if you already have references provided.)

  • The price may vary depending on the details and complexity of your character's design.

  • All commissioned files are authorized for commercial use.

  • The estimated time to complete each project is between 1 to 2 months based on my current schedules.

  • Payments are collected upfront through Paypal invoice, either at a rate of 50% (and the rest after the project is done) or 100% of the total value, you can choose which option suits you better.

  • Once the project is done, you will receive .vroid save file (file used in VRoid Studio) and .vrm file (exported from VRoid Studio).

  • Your model may be uploaded to VRoid Hub for showcasing, However, no one will be able to access or download the model's file. It won't be shared with anyone. (go to [Past Projects] to see how the website works.)

  • Please credit [Kru8ty] and refrain from claiming the work as your own creation.


Cell-shaded style

Since cell-shaded models don't require much texture work, the prices are lower.

Starting price : 500 USD

Kru8ty's style

The style seen on many of my original models on my VRoid Hub page that requires much more texture work.

Starting price : 1000 USD

Mimic a style from your Artwork / Live2D

I can create a model based on your artwork / live2D model.
Please make sure to grant the original artist's permission to use their art style first before commissioning.

Starting price for Cell-shaded style : 550 USD
Starting price for Detailed style : 1050USD